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Recent Projects
  • Don't give dogs chocolate... ...(it ain't no good for them!)

  • LED Spira Laser

  • Pan & Tilt cloud time-lapse

Neal Evans


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Lighting Design, Development & Installation


Audio & Video Projects, from Conception to Production


Atmel avr / Blender / QBase / Sony Vegas / Adobe Suite

LED Spira Light Projector

This project is nearing completion.  It is fully programmable and can be integrated with audio.  Apart from the obvious application for nightclubs and discos, it can also be adapted for interactive sensory stimulation for students with severe learning difficulties.

Don't give dogs chocolate ... ... (it ain't no good for them!!!)

Video Production (Sony Vegas) and Animation (Blender)

Concept, song, animation, direction, production and editing by Neal Evans.  Song performed by Neal's band; Conversation Killers.

Pan and Tilt Mechanism

Mechanism for mounting a camera, to pan and tilt simultaneously for smooth time lapse photography.

LED Clock

Although these clocks were manufactured in Taiwan in 2007, we have included it because it was so advanced at the time (and because Neal still has some for sale!).

Mesmerizing clock with different effects every quarter hour.

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